Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blind Business Owners Stumbling Over Their Customers

Business owners today do a lot of talking about serving their customers and preaching to their employees that customer service comes first. However, sometimes those at the top of an organization forget who their customers are. If you are leading an organization, your customers are your employees. If you neglect to provide excellent customer service for your employees, the customers coming in your front door will not be best served. Remember the saying “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” That’s the way it works. Keep your employees happy and they will keep your customers happy.

Rodefer Moss Technologies Group is a good example of how taking care of internal customers works. Paul Sponcia, their CEO strives to make the work environment at RM a great place to be. He wants all his employees excited about getting up and coming to work every morning. On Fridays, they have a “think tank” session where they chill out, play some games and spend time brainstorming on strategies and implementations for the upcoming week. Everyone is then looking forward to Monday, not dreading it.

Bottom line, if you want your employees to provide excellent customer service, you must provide excellent customer service to your employees. Your workforce will reflect how they are being treated. The results will be evident in your bottom line.

Sharon Cawood
Community Relations & Business Development Professional
Knoxville, Tennessee


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